Highway Help Club Memberships

Highway Help LLC is a roadside assistance provider that has membership programs available to customers. Free battery program is only available after 6 months of membership or full year membership paid in full at time of check out. Highway Help LLC will coverage is in the local area of Cecil County Maryland, New Castle County Delaware, Chester County Pennsylvania. Highway Help LLC reserves the right to refuse service in cases of abuse, threats or theft. Highway Help LLC will honor memberships to its members for their needs only. Highway Help LLC is an auto renew policy to its members on a monthly or annual basis. Highway Help LLC charges 3% on all credit card transactions or purchases at time of service. Highway Help LLC is a for profit organization that provides roadside assistance to both its members and non members. Highway Help LLC is not liable for damages caused by persons outside of Highway Help LLC. Highway Help LLC is not responsible for damages outside the scope of work performed by Highway Help LLC. Free tow mileage is provided by Highway Help LLC not as cumulative but as in a one time offer. The free towing mileage can be saved for a later date if so chosen by the member. Can not use multiple tows to add to the total of mileage given for free.