Getting a flat tire on the highway


Getting a flat on the highway. It never fails, you get a flat tire at the worst possible time.  What happens if you have 2 of them and you are on the interstate? Well that’s where we come in.

This customer had both of their trailer tires blow out on interstate 95 in Maryland. We were able to take both wheels off and mount and balance 2 tires to which we reinstalled and they were back on the road heading to Virginia.

I wanted to take a moment to give some tips to keep this from happening to you. We take for granted the rubber that meets the road on our vehicles these days. They have to do so many things apart from being round. Tires have to hold your car up, keep contact with the road as well as offer stability when turning and braking. They have a very complex job believe it or not. We should look at them every single time we take our vehicle out, but the world makes that very difficult at times. So here are some suggestions that will help keep you from being in a situation like this.

  • Look at your tires visually once a week or before a long trip. Check to see they are inflated properly. Most vehicles want to be between 33-45 psi. If you don’t have the ability to check your tire pressures, then do a visual inspection. Look at the bottom where the tire meets the rim of the wheel. Look at the bulge and compare it to the other tires. If one doesn’t look like the rest (IE even with the others) there is more than likely an issue that needs to be addressed.


  • Rotate your tires with your oil changes. This keeps the wear of the tread even across all 4 of them. This is good practice, and a benefit is that your tires will last longer mileage wise.


  • Keep them clean. I know this sounds like something all should know but trust me, keeping your tires clean will ensure that the sidewalls stay soft and pliable.  You do not want them to get to the point where they dry rot and start to crack.


  • Once a week just look closely at your tires. Do an up-close inspection. Are there any cuts in the sidewall? Are there any cracks? Have they been curbed many times? You want to look at them closely because the sidewall is the one part of the tire that cannot be repaired.

If you can keep a close eye on the roundy parts of your car on a regular basis you are less likely to have a breakdown and be in need of services to which we provide. A few minutes a week can make a huge difference between being on the side of the road and getting to where you wanted to be with out an issue.


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Don Ryan